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Your 8bn cannot buy you Ekiti Governorship- PDP to Fayemi

Your 8bn cannot buy you Ekiti Governorship- PDP to Fayemi

The people Democratic party in Ekiti State has said no amount of money deployed by the minister of steel development, kayode Feyemi, will buy the votes of the people in July 14 governorship election.

Mr Jackson Adebayo , State publicity secretary of the party made this known to the public while reacting to the media report that Fayemi boasted of providing N8 billion  from his personal pocket and assurance of N20 billion from the presidency as slush fund for his governorship ambition.

He said it was an insult on the state for the same APC federal government who has not done anything for the state since it took power in 2015 to be considering the deployment of as much as N20 billion to win the state of Ekiti for APC.

The PDP spokesperson challenged Fayemi as to what the Ekiti state as benefited from his position as the minister in charge of solid materials. Pointing out that ” the solid materials in his hometown Isan-Ekiti nothing has been done to it”.

Adebayo said ” if truely Fayemi has N8 billion from his personal pocket to spend at the governorship election, the question to ask him is where he got such money from? Does it mean he wants to spend the money he looted from Ekiti treasury when he was the governor to buy the votes of the people.

” if as reported the government wants to spend N20 billion on Ekiti governorship election, the question to ask: is what has APC federal government done for us in Ekiti  since 2015?

“If not a show of contempt for the people of Ekiti, why not spend half of the N20 billion on the development of infrastructure i n Ekiti State? How much will it cost you to fix major roads like Ifaki, Okole and Omuo?

” why can’t the federal government spend the N20 billion to fix the roads than wasting it on the governorship election that they will lose?

“Whether or not Fayemi is contesting for the governorship election as the candidate of APC and whoever the party chooses as its candidate is not our business. What concerns us is the waste of money obviously stolen from the state and the waste of money federal government ought to gave used for the development of the state for an election APC will ultimately lose.

” Our people therefore ought to be on the lookout for the stolen money they are bringing from Abuja. When the bring it collect the money, and vote against APC as usual.






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