About Us

Poshbase.com is a Nigerian Community for Latest News, Entertainment, Lifestyle (Events, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Personal Development and Gist) & Sports updates that reaches and appeals to a diverse audience, impacting lives with educational and entertainment contents, as well as keeps users up-to-date with latest events and happenings around us both local and global.

We use a fusion of ‘Creativity + Revolutionary Technology + Big Data’ Solutions to provide mass-reach promotional contents that deliver massive brand awareness for brands and businesses under our Social Media Management service plans.

We deliver awesome clients’ expectations through our Social Media Management services that cover the following:

  • Digital Transformation;
  • Multimedia/Multi-Channel Brand Exposure;
  • Featured Products Promotions;
  • Social Media Marketing & Promotions;

Poshbase.com is an intuition of Crestsol Limited that delivers full-fledged multi-dynamic user engagements and brand alignment to coveted audience across multiple demographics.

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