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Amid widespread public criticism and outrage, Imo’s Commissioner for Happiness defends her appointment.

Amid widespread public criticism and outrage, Imo’s Commissioner for Happiness defends her appointment.

Amid widespread public criticism and outrage against the appointment of a Commissioner for Happiness and Couples Fulfillment by Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, the newly inaugurated Commissioner for Happiness and Couples Fulfillment, Mrs Ogechi Ololo, has said her appointment was made in order to make the people of the state happy.

The new Commissioner for Happiness in Nigeria’s Imo State, Mrs. Ogechi Ololo, appointed by her brother believes her new ministry has a lot to offer and that her appointment should not be trivialized. She disclosed this during an interview with BBC Africa. She said her ministry will do everything possible to help Imo people better their lives.

According to her, the intention for creating the ministry is to ensure citizens of Imo state remain happy despite the economic meltdown. She also made it clear that her ministry will ensure couples in Imo state have a reduced divorce rate and better fulfilled marriages.

“There are also many people out there that need our service,” Mrs. Ololo told BBC Africa.

“This is Imo life and I believe Imolites are very, very happy about it. This is a new ministry and people don’t understand, so they have the right to ask these questions.”

The commissioner said she believed the reason for the creation of the ministry will be justified in the course of her assignment.

Before her appointment as commissioner, she served as the deputy chief of staff, domestic and internal affairs, in the Imo State government.

Mrs. Ololo further argues that her brother should not be accused of nepotism. She said, “he (Okorocha) did not create the ministry just because I’m his sister.” She insisted that the state already has policies in place to ensure people are happy.

“Here, in Imo State, we have free education. This policy makes people happy. By paying for the children’s school fees simply means parents do not need to worry.

“That is a policy of happiness. That is the part of the Ministry of Happiness,” Ololo said.

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  1. LOL, after cursing out so many people on social media. She isn’t going to do anything reasonable


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