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Former Tennis player, Anna Kournikova and Boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias, welcomes Twins

Former Tennis player, Anna Kournikova and Boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias, welcomes Twins

Spanish superstar export, Enrique Iglesias and his girlfriend, Anna Kournikova are now parents. Anna was delivered of a set of twins in Miami on Saturday. The children, a boy and a girl have been reportedly named Nicholas and Lucy.

The 42-year-old superstar singer, has been in a relationship with former Tennis player, Anna Kournikova, who is 36-year-old for 16 years now. Yes, you heard right. 16 years old relationship and they perfectly kept it under the radar from the preying eyes of Hollywood and other paparazzi . They even hid an entire pregnancy and birth of twins from the media. How great can these two be in keeping secrets?

The two met on the singer’s “Escape” music video and quickly started dating. The former tennis star was 20 and Iglesias was 26 years old. Fast forward to present day, and the two live a seemingly quiet life on a private island in Miami Beach.

Some friends have said that they were taken unawares by the news but are happy for the very private couple who has been dating since 2001 and this will be their first kids since the relationship began.

On whether they will get married, Anna once said that she doesn’t want to get married but is comfortable staying in a committed relationship.

Anna, tennis career was cut short by spinal problems while her Spanish songwriter boyfriend, Enrique is behind the evergreen song, Hero.

For such a private couple that they are, it’s ironic that their first moments together and even their first kiss was caught on camera by MTV’s Making of the Video which was on the set of “Escape” where Anna played the singer’s love interest.

“No, no, I’ve never met her before. But I’m a big fan,” the star said eagerly. “Ya, I’m sure a lot of guys want to meet her, you know. I’m one of them. She’s beautiful, talented, great tennis player. And I’m sure she’s going to be great in the video.”

The on-screen chemistry turned out to be just as real off camera. The two looked like high school kids as they giggled and flirted, Enrique would joke about the steamy scene they had to film.

“You know, it doesn’t take a good actor to kiss Anna and try to make it believable,” he said after they finished filming the music video’s famous bathroom scene.

After meeting that day on set, the rest was history.

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