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Anti-open grazing Law is meaningless – Al-Makura

Anti-open grazing Law is meaningless – Al-Makura

The Governor of Nasarawa State , Umaru Al-Makura has stated that the anti-open grazing law will not be passed or enforced in the state

The governor made the declaration while speaking at the government house in1 Lafia where he also stated that the Law was meaningless.

“It is meaningless, it has no sense. Nasararwa is not going to implement the anti-grazing law because it is meaningless. It has no sense whatsoever but any state has self-determination to do what it likes,” the Governor said.

Al-Makura while responding to the anti-open grazing law recently passed by the Benue State government said the state could not be blamed for the decision but, however, insisted that Nasarawa State will not carry out such a law.

He said, “You cannot blame Benue because they have done it but Nasarawa will not do it because it doesn’t have a meaning.

“You have to study the situation and also provide for both the farmers and the herdsmen before youe embark on it. You must have a regulatory mechanism that will ensure the compliance to this. If you don’t have that and you just go ahead to make the law, it doesn’t make any sense.”

While noting that there haven’t been any issues between herdsmen and farmers in the state, Al-Makura said “The time has not reached for us to make the law because we have not seen anything to worry about.

“The relationship between the farmers and the herdsmen is okay and the problem that are arising from such problems is things that have been there for hundreds of years and it can never stop,”

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  1. Its when they start killing people in Nasarawa that they will understand


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