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“Apart from Buhari I will crush any other opponent in a Presidential race” – Okorocha

“Apart from  Buhari I will crush  any other opponent in a Presidential race” –  Okorocha

The Governor of Imo state , Rochas Okorocha, on Tuesday, stated that aside from President Mohammadu Buhari, he would crush any other political opponent in a presidential race.

Okorocha made the statement at the administration House, Owerri, where he received some members of Democratic Youth Congress, DYC.

Okorocha while speaking to the group headed by Kassim Mohammed-Kassim, also stated that the Southeast governors as well as governors from other sections of the country have decided to help President Buhari’s second term bid

He said: “I should state to every one of you that I put stock in the adolescents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I am glad to see you frame an affiliation called Democratic Youth Congress, DYC.

“The nation is going through a significant minute. There was a period hypotheses were in the brain of a few people that the President won’t not influence it to back and it takes individuals of ordinary confidence around then to state Buhari will proceed in 2019.

“I am an adherent of Buhari. I influenced it to clear, years prior that if President Mohammadu is running for President, I won’t run.

“I am certain that my announcement came as a stun to most Nigerians that I have subsumed my President desire to somebody and this is the first occasion when I have made such a stride.

“There is no better time to have a President if not Buhari. I have seen Presidents however I have not seen the President and Vice President that have filled in as siblings as Buhari and Osibanjo.

“I have taken a gander at the political circumstance and I have done the political estimations, and discovered that the best thing that can happen to Nigeria is to permit Buhari finishes his term.

“I didn’t advance down for Buhari in light of fame, religiosity, I venture down for whom he is. I need him to run and he will have my help.

“I need to likewise speak to the individuals who have Presidential aspiration to hold this desire. This in light of the fact that our country is experiencing a testing minute and it requires a man of his bore.

“I am exceptionally glad to report that the vast majority of the governors of Nigeria, are in help of President Mohammadu Buhari. Regardless of whether PDP, APC, APGA every one of the governors aside from maybe a couple.

“We are having a circumstance in Nigeria where every one of the gatherings will show one competitor. All the Southeast governors are in help of Buhari. In the whole South same, likewise that of South west including all the Northern areas. There maybe a couple people will make up their psyches in no separation time.

“Notwithstanding Buhari that made me to venture down my desire who else, on the grounds that less President Buhari, I can crush any of them in the Presidential race.

Once more, I need individuals not to utilize the Anambra race to judge the help President Buhari. What happened that there was inward contradiction among the gathering pioneers in that state.

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