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Berger Paints Reportedly Sacks All Its Staff

Berger Paints Reportedly  Sacks All Its Staff

According to reports Berger Paints has sacked all it’s staff.

This comes after earlier reports indicated that workers of the company had been on strike for the past 2 weeks following a recent implementation of a new wage system by the company.

Based on the new wage set up, the payment of gratuity was reportedly stopped and was included in the monthly salaries of workers leaving them with no gratuity after retirement.

Photos of some of the protesting workers

Reports also suggested that the change in the company’s wage set up was proposed to members of staff in 2015 under the guise of an increment in salaries.

However, members of staff were reportedly not consulted before this new set up was implemented by management.

This led the workers to go on strike which consequently resulted in the management sacking all of them and informing them to reapply if they still have any interest in working for the company.

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  1. God have mercy.


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