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Beyoncé meets with Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston

Beyoncé meets with Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston

Beyoncé has traveled to her hometown, on Saturday, to meet with those affected by the devastating hurricane.

The 36-year-old singer arrived in Houston today, where she addressed the Hurricane Harvey victims at St. John’s United Methodist Church, a church she went to as a child.

Those in attendance have been posting details about Bey’s heart-warming visit on social media.

Twitter user @TheDailyBey was there and tells reporters, “Beyoncé and her BEYGOOD team including her mother, Blue Ivy, and Michelle Williams visited Houston today to provide food and shelter to victims of Hurricane Harvey.”

Another Twitter user added, “Beyoncé was very emotional, especially during her speech. She shed tears. Her mom stood by her side, and they seemed happy to be there to help.

“The pastor of the church stated Beyoncé made a ‘significant donation’ before arriving.

“Her and her mother spoke to the victims and Beyoncé discussed the significance of that specific church to her because it is the church her and her family attended during her childhood.”

Beyoncé is in Houston just days after celebrating her 36th birthday.

The singer kicked off her birthday festivities in Philadelphia where she watched her husband Jay-Z’s Made In America performance, during which he had the crowd serenade her.

Blue Ivy was spotted with her mom today, but  Jay-Z was not seen at the event.

On Tuesday, Bey will be participating in the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief telethon.

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