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Biafra 50 Years After: The Wise Learn From History – Osinbajo

Biafra 50 Years After: The Wise Learn From History – Osinbajo

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has advised Nigerians not to beat the drums of another civil war, but rather lessons should be learnt from the history of Nigeria’s civil war.

According to Osinbajo, while the wise learn from history, experience remains the best teacher for a fool.

The Ag. President stated this while delivering a keynote address, “Greater Together than Apart” on Thursday at an event organised to re-evaluate the development of the country 50 years after the Nigerian-Biafran civil war.

He stated that while it is kinder to learn from history, experience is a harsh teacher.

The Ag. president further urged Nigerians to take advantage of Nigeria’s diversity to make her great again “instead of trying to flee into the lazy comfort of homogeneity”.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Lord Chieze

    And what’s wrong if a people can’t deal with unreasonable people and choose the comfort of homogeneity of fellow human being who wants to live and operate in the 21st century instead of with clowns with medieval mindset?

    Imagine the Nigerian senate is debating cattle grazing in 2017…where else can such stupidity happen if not only in Nigeria?
    Do people roam about other peoples’ lands with cattle and AK47 in the name of grazing these cattles in sane climes? Why do we have to deal with such just because some people want diversity with a people they all hate with a passion in their heart?

    My acting President…how many killer Fulani herdsmen have you ordered for their arrest with all these killings attributed to them even when some of them have come on National television to confess such atrocities?

    Mr. Acting President, grow up and stop threatening us with WAR. No one is calling for WAR but you and your UNITY-BEGGAR One Nigerianist. A simple referendum is all that’s required to settle the Biafran agitations once and for all.

    • Profile gravatar of Temitayo

      The VP never threatened anyone with war, Its just a reflection of the events of time past and im sure you were not born at the time to know the horrors and desolation it caused, He was. He just wants peace to reign like all well meaning Nigerians. As for Biafra going, Please, let them go abeg, let all this nonsense end. Nigeria will continue if there still is a country after then. Nigeria’s problem is a leadership problem and not ethnic, If Biafra goes, its still this crop of leaders that will lead. Biafra is independent but its still not saved from the errors and doom of bad leadership.

      • Profile gravatar of Lord Chieze

        Can you tell us who is beating drums of war in today’s Nigeria?

        All my people are saying is let’s have a referendum and some clowns are busy talking about another war.

        What’s his problem is majority of Igbos choose “…the lazy comfort of homogeneity”, according to Osibanjo. What’s wrong with that? If and when Biafra exit Nigeria, your Yoruba + Hausa/Fulani will still have a heterogeneous country. Y’all even can go up to Niger and invite them to come establish a bigger heterogeneous country, entirely your choice. Kindly allow the next man his choice.

        And it does not matter if all the leaders Biafrans elect afterwards happen to be criminals, it has absolutely nothing to do with you or your people.

        Nigeria’s problem is a leadership problem and not ethnic, yet, your graduates, educated elite, professors, professionals all queued up under the hot sun to vote in an incompetent bubu that has totally destroy any hope for Nigeria.

        The amount of energy you people spend on Biafra matter can be use in improving the lives of people in your region. Kindly focus on your people. Thanks.

        And why don’t


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