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Big Brother Naija Drama filled Weekend

Big Brother Naija Drama filled Weekend
  • K-Brule and Khloe gets disqualified
  • Princess and Bitto evicted from #BBNaija house
  • Dee One and Vandora also evicted

Following an intensive argument between K-Brule and Dee One of which K-Brule tried to attack Dee One but was held back by Angel and Lolu; Big Brother found the infractions unacceptable and issued K-Brule a strike making it three strikes after he had sustained two strikes previously, hence he was disqualified. On her part, Khloe got her third strike for comments she made to Kbrule, calling his mother a whore; also, partly following their disagreement after Saturday night party which then led to their automatic disqualification.

Big Brother also issued a strike to Dee-One for provocation; however, the strike wouldn’t matter now as his journey came to an end last night with the eviction of #Team VanDee from the #BBNaija house 2018 as the second couple to leave the reality show.

Princess and Brito were the first evictees from the Big Brother Naija house 2018 as they got the lowest score in the voting process that ended on Thursday unlike the standard #BBNaija voting process that usually ends on Saturdays before the housemates’ weekend party.

In a shocking twist of events, 6 housemates left the 3rd edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show as against the initial plans of the reality show organizers of evicting 4 housemates.

Bitto, Princess, Vandora and Dee-One were the four housemates evicted while Khloe and K-Brule got evicted for breaking Big Brother’s rules.

14 contestants are now left to compete for the N45 million in prize money and gifts.

The eviction nomination is scheduled for 6:00 pm today and Big Brother has promised to entertain the audience with new twists and drama.

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