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‘Botched’ Doctor Dubrow uses leeches on patient’s nipples

‘Botched’ Doctor Dubrow uses leeches on patient’s nipples

Celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow, puts his skills and expertise to play when he decided to use medicinal leeches on a patient’s nipples in Thursday’s midseason finale of Botched.

The patient was 80s music video star, Tawny Kitaen, who after undergoing six previous augmentations, was ready to be done with boob implants forever.

Dr. Dubrow was more than willing to give Tawny her natural breasts back, but it took a little work and that’s where the bloodsucking leeches came in.

Following the operation, Dr. Dubrow got the creepy worms in order to improve blood flow in Tawny’s nipples during the healing process. It was totally gross, but the unusual technique was all worth it in the end.

“Now I’m back on track and I’m implant free and I feel like me,” Tawny said. “I’m so elated that I can do a back handspring on a Ferrari!”

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