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Daughter lures her Father to Bed to avoid him marrying his Fiancée

Daughter lures her Father to Bed to avoid him marrying his Fiancée

A Chinese lady of 26 years reportedly lured her father to bed to get him in changing his mind towards the woman he intends to marry.

The father who is 58 had sexual intercourse with the daughter. The affair is said to have begun when the lady in question was only 19. In 2009, the father had sexual intercourse with her twice as reported.

A psychological report revealed that the daughter who is still anonymous was “deprived of her mother’s love” and the copulation stemmed from “misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father.”

The act was reported by the young lady’s brother who didn’t know it was consensual. He found a footage of the intercourse and reported to the police.

Judge timothy Caswell sought a probation officer’s report to study the possibility of a non-custodial sentence for the woman, but refused to do the same for her father.

The both parties will be sentenced in June 12.

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  1. This is some serious end time evidence…

  2. This is terrible


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