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“Don’t call me a rapper; call me a musician” – Phyno

“Don’t call me a rapper; call me a musician” – Phyno

Popular Nigerian Rapper, Phyno has declared that he is not just a rapper but a musician.

According to the rapper, he wants the be regarded as a musician and not just a rapper. This he stated in an interview with Hip TV, where he also explained that he has a good understanding of music as he had been a producer for some years before bursting into the limelight as a rapper

“Let me make this clear, when you say I am singing a lot lately, Yeah I blew up as a rapper – but before that, I was a producer for like 8-9 years. Don’t call me a rapper, call me a musician. I know music. That’s what most people don’t know,” Phyno said.

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  1. Profile photo of Temitayo

    Its obvious, you arent just a rapper, not the thoroughbreds though

  2. Profile photo of Onyi

    Ok Phyno the musician


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