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English Premier League (EPL) is Back.

English Premier League (EPL) is Back.

Since the English Premier League started 25 years ago, there have been six different champions (Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester City).

Each of the 25 seasons has been charted with the story of how the titles were won and the players who starred. From each of Manchester United’s record 13 triumphs to Arsenal’s “Invincibles”, as well as the 2011/12’s incredible finale which saw Manchester City win the title in the last minute of the last match of the season and of course we remember the moment Leicester City shocked the world to win the title in 2016 after narrowly escaping relegation the season before.

The countdowns have been going on social media for over a month now as we close in on the start of Premier League season 2017/2018.

Let’s know what team you believe would emerge triumphant from the 2017/2018 season?

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