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Fashion doesn’t need to kill animals – British designer MacDonald

Fashion doesn’t need to kill animals – British designer MacDonald

British fashion designer, Julien MacDonald, has apologized for using fur in his past collections during London Fashion Week.

He disclosed this to newsmen, days after dozens of anti-fur activists disrupted British fashion house Burberry’s show at the event and heckled celebrities including rapper Stormzy and model Naomi Campbell as they arrived.

“As a young designer I did use a lot of fur and do you know what, I think you should perhaps try not to,” MacDonald said late on Monday.

“You know what? It was my mistake. I was young. I am sorry. I apologize.”

Earlier in the day, he showcased his own collection, a mix of glamorous and revealing gowns displayed by some big names, including former Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

There was no fur in sight. “You do not need to kill animals to wear nice clothes,” he said.

There was also no fur on show at Burberry’s London event, but the label sells items made from fox and raccoon fur.

In 2001, MacDonald was appointed as chief designer at French fashion house Givenchy, succeeding Alexander McQueen, but he departed in 2004 amid accusations that his sequin-heavy style was ill-suited for a brand that treasured its association with style icons such as Audrey Hepburn.

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