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FRSC Releases Guidlines For July 1st Proposed Psychiatric Test For Traffic Offenders

FRSC Releases Guidlines For July 1st Proposed Psychiatric Test For Traffic Offenders

Guidelines for the planned psychiatric examination of traffic offenders by the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC) have been released.

The test, which is suppose to begin on July 1, will be targeted at traffic offences that pose a threat to life, namely, driving while on the phone, route and traffic light violation, overloading, as well as dangerous driving.

This was revealed by the Public Education officer of the FRSC, Bizi Kazeem, who also stated that the driver’s licenses of offenders will be withdrawn as well until their sanity is confirmed in a public health facility.

The PEO also added that offenders will be responsible for the cost of the medical consultation.

“The move arose from observed aggravating crashes and disobedience to road traffic laws and regulation.

“This nation can no longer watch the lives and property of its citizens wasted by a few nonconformists on the highways,’’ he quoted the Corps Marshal, Dr Boboye Oyeyemi, as saying

Meanwhile, some Abuja residents have lauded the FRSC for the move which they said was long overdue.

One of them, Miss Ngozi Okafor, a civil servant, said the behaviour of motorists on the road especially in Abuja called for a check on their mental state.

“Abuja is a place where the roads are too wide for motorists. They prefer driving on sidewalks meant for pedestrians.

“Security agents and private vehicle owners are not left out in this madness. I hope the FRSC will have the courage to also subject them to psychiatric test,’’ kazeem said.

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  1. More than half of the drivers will be checked. Lolz


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