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“I Didn’t Say The Production Of Music Videos And Films Abroad Will be Banned” – Lai Mohammed

“I Didn’t Say The Production Of Music Videos And Films Abroad Will be Banned” – Lai Mohammed

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, has reiterated the decision of the Federal Government to ban the production of programme’s meant for Nigerians outside the country.

The minister made this known in a statement issued on Wednesday, noting that he was not made a Minister to grow the economy of other nations while that of Nigeria suffers.

He however, said he did not say that musical videos produced abroad would be banned, but rather, programmes designated as local content made for Nigerians must be produced within the country citing the just concluded Big Brother Naija Show shot in South Africa, adding that there would be no going back on that.

He said; ”I didn’t say that henceforth, all music videos and films will be produced in Nigeria, or that the production of music videos or films outside Nigeria will be banned. All I said was that if a programme is designated as a Nigerian (local) content programme, we will amend the Code to ensure that it is produced in Nigeria. On that, there is no going back.”

He further noted that he had ordered for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the controversial production of the Big Brother Naija Show in South Africa.

‘Following the findings, we decided to amend the relevant sections of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code to prevent a repeat of that development. We are now in the process of doing that, so that anyone who intends to produce a reality show or similar programmes for Nigerians cannot take the production of such shows outside Nigeria. Nigerians are a very proud and resourceful people, and we are sure that no Nigerian will be against a decision to prevent the jobs that can be done in Nigeria by Nigerians from being exported to other countries,” he said.

The minister’s claim that he never announced a proposed ban on music videos and movies produced abroad, has, however, raised questions about the credibility of his comments as earlier, he had reportedly tweeted this;

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