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I’ll coach Quadri for free – Ekun

I’ll coach Quadri for free – Ekun

Former African champion and Nigeria table tennis coach, Waheed Ekun, has offered to help Nigeria star, Wale Quadri, prepare for the 2017 ITTF Men’s World Cup in Belgium by offering free coaching service after he reported on Tuesday that he could not afford a coach.

In an interview in Ibadan, Ekun said he was concerned by Quadri’s desire to get a coach, saying that he would even pay for his (Ekun) travelling fare to Belgium as well as paying for his accommodation at the competition.

Ekun said, “The player knows what he is talking about by saying he needs a coach. He has been a top star for some years and the best player in Africa, he knows what is missing in his game now. He wants to be the best in the world but he knows that without a reputable coach, he might never get there.

“In tennis, a top player needs a coach that he will understand. That coach does not need to be a super star, but someone who knows the game and who knows what to do to make his player win in big competitions. I was the Nigerian coach to the World Championship in 1991 but when Quadri started playing, I had left. When he emerged, I knew he was a boy to watch out for and he has not disappointed us.

“I can be of assistance to him. In fact, I am volunteering my service to be his coach without collecting any fee. I will travel to the championship with him and pay for my fare, accommodation and other expenses if he wants me to work with him. He is a player of great quality capable of winning laurels for the country.”


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