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India Independence Day: Modi addresses his people

India Independence Day: Modi addresses his people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, extended his greetings to the nation as they celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day and reminded them that “bullets and abuses” cannot bring peace in Kashmir.

In a speech in Delhi, Mr Modi accused Kashmiri separatists of “scheming” and its only “hugs” that could solve the problems of the territory, which often sees clashes between protesters and Indian security forces.

Muslim-majority Kashmir is at the centre of a decades-old territorial dispute between India and Pakistan.

India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day a day after its neighbour Pakistan.

Mr Modi urged Indians to stand together with Kashmiris to rediscover “the lost paradise”.

He also spoke in support of Muslim women who are fighting a legal battle to abolish the practice of “triple talaq” (instant divorce).

India is one of a handful of countries where a Muslim man can divorce his wife in minutes by saying the word talaq (divorce) three times.

Mr Modi also criticized people for using religion to incite violence.


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