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“Is Abba Kyari Now In Charge Of Government”? – Ex-British Parliamentarian Wonders

“Is Abba Kyari Now In Charge Of Government”? – Ex-British Parliamentarian Wonders

Ex-British Parliamentarian Eric Joyce, has wondered if Chief of staff, Abba Kyari controls the Nigerian Government.

Joyce stated this after he claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari was not allowed to see him during her last visit to the UK.

According to Joyce there is a cabal running Nigeria’s government and the cabal is led by Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff of Staff to President Buhari

The ex-soldier took to twitter to make the claims and wrote;

“Nigerian President Buhari’s wife refused access. Chief of staff, 79 yr old Abba Kyari, in charge now?”

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