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Kim Kardashian shares final Kardashian family Christmas photo card that left fans wondering ‘where’s Kylie?’

Kim Kardashian shares final Kardashian family Christmas photo card that left fans wondering ‘where’s Kylie?’

The annual unveiling of the Kardashian Christmas cards takes almost an entire month, starting from December 1; the famous family has been sharing a new picture from their card every single day.

To them, “it’s a family Christmas tradition”. Many were close up shots of individual family members, often curiously cropped.

But on Sunday, Christmas Eve, came the most complete picture yet – with 12 family members lining up for the shot. Kim Kardashian, her sister Kourtney and Kris Jenner shared the complete picture to their Twitter accounts using the simple caption ‘DAY 24 – CHRISTMAS EVE’.

However, the complete picture has only 11 family members lining up for the shot with ‘Pregnant’ Kylie Jenner missing from the family group photo and fans were quick to ask ‘where’s Kylie?’

Kylie Jenner who is said to be expecting a baby with rapper Travis Scott, is yet to confirm her pregnancy. But fans were hoping she would make the announcement by showing her baby bump in her own Christmas card.

The family Christmas photo Card features Kendall Jenner doing her best catwalk glare, a seated smiling grandma MJ, a host of adorable kids and a whole lot of denim, the card brought back memories of the Kardashian cards of Christmas past.

With just one day left of the cards, anxious Kardashian lovers took to social media to wonder where Kim’s ‘pregnant’ little sister was.

Many had initially thought the cards were outtakes, with the big reveal expected for December 25.

Some had speculated this would be a picture of Khloe and Kylie showing their bumps, or perhaps even Kim’s new baby – which is due via surrogate imminently.

But after Kim clarified that ‘These aren’t teasers these are the cards’, her followers expressed their shock that Kylie had yet to make an entrance.

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