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Lagos govt halts Lekki toll hike as residents blast Ambode, LCC

Lagos govt halts Lekki toll hike as residents blast Ambode, LCC

Lagos State government have suspended the proposed tariff hike on Lekki-Epe Expressway and Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge by the Lekki Concession Company, LCC.

​At the Admiralty Circle Plaza (Lekki-Epe expressway) ​tariff for saloon cars ​will be N200 from N120; sports utility vehicles will pay N​250​ from N​15​0; while commercial buses will pay N150 from N80.​ Motorcycles will pay N100.​

At the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge, saloon cars will pay N300, from N250; sports utility vehicles, mini vans, and light trucks N400, from N300.​ Motorcycles will pay N200.​

On Friday ​Steve Ayorinde, Commissioner for Information, in a statement​, ​noted that the state government had directed the company to put the decision “on hold” as the necessary consultations with stakeholders are yet to be concluded.

“While government recognizes the need for periodic review of tariffs and any other levies appertaining to road infrastructure maintenance in the state, the public and critical stakeholders as the ultimate beneficiaries of such facilities must always be carried along at all times,” ​he​ said.

“Therefore, the proposed tariff hike cannot be effected at this period in the interest of the public, while further consultations continue.”

Already, thousands of Lagosians​ ​have signed​ ​an online petition to protest the plan​ ​billed to​ ​take effect on November 8.

The online petition, initiated by Ngozi Ihedigbo, said the LCC, imposed the “increment on us with absolutely no explanations.”

“Nigeria is a country in recession, people have no jobs and the ones with jobs can hardly survive on their salaries,” the petition began.

“Yet all the government is doing is impose hardship on innocent people for their selfish gain. There is no reason why there should be an increase on the Lekki-Victoria Island toll and we need this action to be stopped.

“We can no longer sit and fold our arms and say ‘it’s business as usual.’ We pay taxes, even though we do not see any major improvements to quantity these payments. We are our own government as we provide our own water, light and in most cases our road. Yet all the government does is take, take and take from us.

“The Lekki-VI fare should actually be going down, rather there is a 70 per cent increase in toll fee starting November 8th 2017. Did anyone get a 70 per cent raise on salary? Did Nigeria inflation go up by 70 per cent? ”



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  1. They had better rethink it. Mad people


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