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Like Biafra, Like Catalonia…Like Muhammadu Buhari, Like Francisco Franco.

Like Biafra, Like Catalonia…Like Muhammadu Buhari, Like Francisco Franco.

By Okere Chidiebere

Come this October, the Catalans will be voting in a referendum to secede from Spain. This sounds so sweet but it wasn’t an easy walk to freedom. (Go and read about their history).

Catalans had endured all manner of military handedness in the days of the fascist,Francisco Franco. Franco like Buhari envisioned a nationalist Spain where none had historically existed. He used force on the Catalan to try and subdue them just as Buhari have tried to use force to suppress the Biafran agitation. These two men never believed in dialogue but in brutish force. Franco like Buhari ended up dividing the nation more than uniting it; the harder he tried suppressing Catalonia, the more the Catalans resented Spain. Buhari’s action at Aba and Umuahia in Abia State has made Igbos to resent this nation. Their resolve for Biafra have not been broken at all. Buhari is the sore loser here. Biafra may take a while, but, it must surely come!

The Catalan’s forth-coming referendum is a proof that guns can’t kill an ideology. And so, the ideological drive behind Biafra can’t be killed by Buhari’s guns and not even with the death of Nnamdi Kanu. Note this: Ralp Uwazuruike came, then came Nnamdi Kanu, and surely, somebody will still come up. It is a continuous struggle until we see the drowning of the green-white-green flag and the rising of the Biafran flag in the land of the rising sun.

Like the Catalans are currently waving their flags proudly in the air, so shall the Biafrans wave theirs in the air and all those who had jeered at them will be put to shame.

Wait a minute, did you say that this will never be?

Yes, they also said that Catalans will never have an independence in Spain. But, soonest, they will be voting in a referendum for independence/secession.

Yes, they also said that an African American will never be the president of the United States of America. But Barrack Obama , an african American became the 44th president of the United States.

No assertion holds true for ever!

Listen, Biafrans, as long as you remain resolute for a nation, you must get it. Forget what they say.

Biafrans, don’t let Buhari kill your spirit. For when he does that, then you are defeated. Yes, then, you are defeated.

Remember I told you this: it shall be said in that day “…that like Catalonia, like Biafra …”

Keep the spirit high. A change of tactics may be needed now, but don’t aquisce their demand by going violent. Remain non-violent. You will win in the end.

Do not faint. Your victory is nigh!

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