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Men like Varieties: Alli Baba commends female pastor for advising women

Men like Varieties: Alli Baba commends female pastor for advising women

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has taken to social media to react to a video of a female pastor giving women tips on how to keep their husbands from jumping from one woman to another.

The pastor while speaking on the topic, "Understanding how a man's mind works', charged women to be 'the variety their husband wants'

She spoke bluntly in the video, explaining the natural nature of men to her congregation. She noted that men naturally cannot stick to one woman for a long time and if women want to keep their husband's to themselves they have to assume the characters of different types of ladies at different point in time

“It has been discovered that the male specie likes varieties and because your husband is conscious he cannot be meeting with every woman so you have to give him varieties. You have to be unpredictable to your husband that the man doesn’t know what he will meet at home. Be the variety your husband wants, ” she said.

The pastor's words apparently caught the attention of Ali Baba who captioned the video: “Some pastors are bold when they speak on issues... Some are emboldened by the gravity of the issue at hand”

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  1. I really dont know what to say, well, it seems like its the women that always have to try and work on the relatioships while the men just do whatever they want


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