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“Movie producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn” – Uti Nwachukwu

“Movie producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn” – Uti Nwachukwu

Nollywood actor, Uti Nwachukwu has, noticeably, not been featuring in movies for a while now and the former Big Brother Africa winner has come out to explain why.

While speaking to Sunday Scoop recently, Uti, who made his last movie appearance in July when he featured in the movie “Mummy Dearest 2”, said;

“I haven’t been in the country, but I am back now. I took a break from acting because it doesn’t pay much and I am not ready for that kind of life. I don’t want to pretend about it; so, I am only focusing on what brings greater remuneration, which is television presenting and hosting of events.

“Acting would just be a hobby because honestly, producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn. But I will not stay away from movies totally; I will pick only exceptional movies instead of featuring in all the ones I am invited to partake in. I don’t have so much time for little money. I am not here to pretend all is well. I am in the industry to make money; I am not in the industry to play.”

Speaking on reports that he refused to attend popular fashion designer, Yomi Casual’s wedding, Uti explained that he did show up at the wedding but couldn’t stay for long as he had other engagements to attend to.

He also noted that despite the fact that some of his colleagues were already getting married, he still is not in a rush to get married.

He said; “I will marry at the right time and marriage is not a competition. Once I find the right person, nothing will prevent me from getting married. I am an adult and my parents are educated. Therefore, they can’t force me to get married.”

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  1. I hate it when Tv personalities claim Acting is a hobby. the question is can you act? They see acting as small stuff but put them on screen and they fumble big time. I watch housemates and im shocked at home horrible them Basket mouth are. From they way i see Uti, im sure he cant act. What do you have to offer that you are talking pay


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