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Northern Youths advocates for Peace

Northern Youths advocates for Peace

The Federal government has been charged to convoke a Peace and Reconciliation Conference that cuts across all ethnic divides in the country to douse the mounting tension generated by hate speeches and secessionist movements.

The call  was made by a coalition of Northern Youths from the 19 Northern states at a peace meeting of major youth formations in the 19 Northern states, NGOs and Oil and Solid Mineral Producing Areas Landlords’ Association of Nigeria, OMPALAN Northern Youths held in Kaduna, last weekend. The coalition noted with concern the spate of hate speeches with its impacts on the national unity and called on the three arms of government to present a common front to help protect the sovereignty of Nigeria.

The group maintained that the political class must reason with them on the need to save the country from impending doom by acting fast to salvage the already worsening situation. ‘‘The political leadership of Nigeria should as a matter of  urgency organize a peace and reconciliation  conference cutting across Nigeria’s ethno-religious divide aimed at dousing mounting tension generated  by hate speeches and secessionists rhetorics.’’

They also talked on the call for President Buhari’s resignation was made in bad faith especially since Mr. President has formally handed over power to his Vice to continue the machinery of government. The communiqué reads in parts: that the Igbos are free to live in the north and continue their legitimate business; that we condemn in unequivocal language the attempt by disgruntled Nigerians to break the Country.

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