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NOUN Graduates Now Eligible For Youth Service And Law School

NOUN Graduates Now Eligible For Youth Service And Law School

Graduates of the National Open University are now eligible to be mobilized for Youth Service by the National Youth Service Corps as well as entry into the Nigerian law school following a new amendment of the Law establishing the institution by the Senate.

The amendment was passed by the Senate following the adoption of a report by the Committee on Tertiary Institutions

The report revealed that, “The objectives of the bill are: firstly, to amend the existing legislation with a view to removing the perception of the public about the university in respect of the word ‘correspondence,’ which gives the impression that the university is not a full-time university and, as such, seen as part-time.

“These two concepts – correspondence and part-time – significantly affect the way the public views the programs run by the university. This has been the reason why the Law graduates of the school are not admitted into the Nigerian Law School as well as the reason for the non-inclusion of the graduates of the university into the National Youth Service Corps scheme.

“Secondly, to include lnformation and Communication Technology as another means of providing tuition towards the advancement of learning throughout Nigeria. The National Open University, as currently run, depends critically on virtual learning and students’ individual research, hence, the need for improvement and introduction of helpful learning tools as presented by lCT. This will further deal with the challenge of limited access in the tertiary education sector.”

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  1. Finally, its very good news.


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