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Okorocha: “I demolished Eke ukwu market because it is linked to female deity”

Okorocha: “I demolished Eke ukwu market because it is linked to female deity”

The Governor of Imo State , Rochas Okorocha, had disclosed the real reasons behind his decision to demolish the Eke ukwu market in Owerri.

The Governor, on Sunday, stated that one of the reasons for the demolition of the Market was linked to its attachment to a female deity.

The disclosure was made in a statement issued by Mr Sam Onwuemeodoin, Press Secretary to the Governor, yesterday in Owerri.

According to the statement,
“The State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has warned certain politicians in the state, especially those with governorship ambition against administering oath on Imo people who are either members or officials of their political parties.

“The governor also advised members and officials of the political parties not to subscribe or allow themselves to be subjected to oath taking for any reason by any politician or aspirant because it is ungodly to do so.”

“One of the first things I did on assumption of office as governor was to build a befitting chapel in front of the Government House and also erected the statue of a man with the Holy Bible in his hand to show Imo people the direction of his administration.

“And one of the reasons I also decided to demolish and relocate Ekeukwu Market was when the unfounded story of a female deity owning the market came up and I resolved that Imo people would never be in a market said to be owned by a deity.”

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  1. Okorocha again..

  2. lol, really, is it ur deity?


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