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Pastor Tunde Bakare calls on Buhari to Restructure Nigeria and forget about 2019 polls.

Pastor Tunde Bakare calls on Buhari to Restructure Nigeria and forget about 2019 polls.

General overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and former running mate of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2011 Presidential Election, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to forget 2019 general elections and embark on restructuring Nigeria saying it is time to renegotiate Nigeria’s union.

Pastor Bakare declared yesterday in his state of the nation broadcast, at the church auditorium, that: “What Nigeria needs now is not an election but a return to the drawing board. I call for restructuring and not for elections”.

In his speech entitled: ‘It is time to renegotiate our union’, the general overseer clarified the 12 prophecies he made on the first day of 2018, noting that his declaration was not a presidential announcement but a call for prayers.

Throwing his weight behind the agitation for a comprehensive restructuring of the country, Bakare said process reforms as advocated by the president would not address foundational reforms.

Describing the current structure the country operates as a deathtrap, he said there was need to adopt a pragmatic approach to restructuring the nation.

He said; “The current edifice of state has become a deathtrap. All around are cracks on the wall that originate from the structural foundations. Those cracks are dripping with blood and the stones in the wall are crying out.

“The Nigerian state has a choice to make on the way forward to lasting peace and prosperity: It is either the path of divine judgment reminiscent of a Jehu revolution or a choice to renegotiate our union through a pragmatic approach to restructuring the nation.”

Bakare also highlighted that Buhari’s conspiratorial silence on the recent killings by Fulani herdsmen is worrisome.

“By not advancing and vigorously executing policies aimed at pre-empting or preventing these killings even with sufficient warnings: I am reminded of the open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari by a former Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada and Second Republic senator, Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher. Permit me to quote excerpts from that letter:

“Despite recent setbacks, we acknowledge the gains in the war against Boko Haram, but highly disturbing is the mayhem being continually unleashed by herdsmen on communities in different states across the country, including Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Adamawa, Kaduna, Enugu, Edo and Ogun States, leaving trails of weeping and wailing.

“The recent killings in Benue State are akin to the last straw that is set to break the camel’s back. Not only has the government failed to stop these killings across the country, it has done so against the backdrop of conspiratorial silence, choosing rather to label such attacks ‘an issue of communal misunderstanding’, as the Inspector General of Police recently did in respect of the Benue attacks; it has treated the menace with kid gloves even after the Global Terrorism Index 2015 described ‘militant’ herdsmen as ‘the fourth most deadly group of 2014’.”

Pastor Bakare lamented that President Buhari failure to act on a private memorandum, he (Tunde Bakare) sent to him dated 30th July 2016 about possible horrendous genocide in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Southern Kaduna, and Southern Adamawa States, is what is causing the current mayhem.

‘Your Excellency Mr. President, I am pained that you ignored my advice in my private memorandum to you dated 30th July 2016. I had warned you of the possibility of a horrendous genocide in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Southern Kaduna, and Southern Adamawa States.

‘I asked you to be proactive and stop the genocide that has been ongoing but which would burst out in the open and shock the world within 18 months. Your office replied my letter…thanking me ‘immensely’ and giving me the assurances that the advice would be heeded…I regret to now inform you that it is seventeen months since my warning and prediction and your government did nothing to pre-empt or prevent the genocide.

Pastor Bakare says president Buhari has failed woefully in delivering his campaign promises.

“Nothing indicts the current government greater than its failure in one key performance area that ought to be its strength: security

“This administration anchored its policy outlook on three main thrusts, including security, job creation through diversification, and anti-corruption, yet all around us are signs of retrogression,” Pastor Bakare said.

“As at June 2015, the unemployment rate was 8.2% of a labour force of 74 million, meaning that about 6 million Nigerians were unemployed.

“By September 2017, despite such efforts as N-Power and a range of policies aimed at improving enterprise development and facilitating job creation, the unemployment rate had risen to 18.8% of a labour force of 85.1 million, indicating that between 2015 and 2017, the number of unemployed Nigerians rose from about 6 million to almost 16 million.”

He said: “I totally agree with Mr. President that we need process reforms; otherwise, we would not be appointing dead men to head parastatals, but can process reforms replace foundational structural reforms? Never. Be that as it may, let no one confuse the genuine call to restructure the nation with the gimmicks of political opportunists who ride on the restructuring wave for their perceived advantage. Many of them talk the talk but neither walked the talk in the past nor will do so in the future.

“Therefore, I say to those who have the power to take the decisions and actions necessary to end these atrocities, especially by restructuring the nation, but have failed to do so for political gains, that they are attempting to establish a city by iniquity and there are dire consequences.”

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