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Here is what police recovered from the car in which DJ Olu & Chime were found dead

Here is what police recovered from the car in which DJ Olu & Chime were found dead

According to the Lagos State Police Command, substances suspected to be hard drugs have been recovered in the car in which popular disc Jokey, DJ Olu and his friend Chime died.

The deceased, Olugbenga Abiodun aka DJ Olu who is also the son of Nigeria Oil magnate, Dapo Abiodun, was said to have been found dead alongside his friend Chime Amaechi, inside a BMW around the Banana Island axis of Lagos on Saturday.

They deceased, both aged 25, were understood to be crew members of ace Nigerian singer, Davido and son of Nigeria business Mogul, Adedeji Adeleke with their death occurring only few days after another close friend who was also part of Davdo’s crew died from allegedly taking too much shots of Tequila while hanging out with the singer. .

Tagbo’s death had attracted controversy following accusations from actress, Caroline Danjuma that the deceased was abandoned in a hospital by Davido and his crew members. But CCTV footage from the lounge in which Tagbo had taken the Tequila shots were later provided by the award winning singer which reportedly showed that Tagbo was not in the company of Davido and his crew members when he died.

In the wake of the controversial circumstances surrounding the death of Tagbo, came the death of DJ Olu and Chime – also members of Davido’s crew – occurring, similarly, in unclear circumstances.

However, it seems the new discovery by the police may have helped put down the shutters on any possible questions arising from the death of the duo.

According to PUNCH Metro, a source revealed that officers from the Ikoyi Police Division of Lagos State received a distress call informing them that two lifeless bodies had been found lying in a car and according to the source, “A team raced to the scene. On getting there, the lifeless bodies of two adult males were found in a BMW car, with number plate, KJA 631 AY, at the underground garage of Block B, Banana Island.

“After making some enquiries, the victims were identified as Olugbenga Abiodun, 25. He lived on Block 11 of the estate. The other victim, Chime Amaechi, was also aged 25,” the source said.

Another source, according to PUNCH Metro, also revealed that the duo had vomited blood before passing out, adding that it was later discovered from preliminary physical analysis that they had reportedly died of drug overdose.

Edgar Imohimi, Ag. Commissioner of Police in Lagos State also confirmed the deaths of the duo and the recovery suspected drug substances from the car in which they died.

He also added that the substances would soon be tested in the laboratory for proper identification.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Temitayo

    So these guys ODed? Such a waste of life


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