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President of MURIC Ishaq Akintola shuns daughter’s wedding

President of MURIC Ishaq Akintola shuns daughter’s wedding

Popular Muslim activist and President of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Prof. Ishaq Akintola is said to have refused to attend the wedding reception of his daughter, Dr. Jihad Anjorin (nee Akintola) which held in Lagos on Friday

According to the activist, his decision to shun his daughter’s wedding reception was his own way of discouraging “lavish spending.”

Akintola explained that two of his daughters who had previously gotten married did so without a having a reception.

His wife, other family members and friends were however, present at the reception despite the absence of the bride’s father.

However, Akintola held the wedding fatiha for the couple in his home and also approved the reception held later in the day in Alausa, Lagos.

According to him, he rejected appeals from his son-in-law and friends to grace the reception even as he did not contribute to the organisation as expected

Ishaq Akintola

He said, “Let me state, ab initio, and for the avoidance of any doubt, that I love my daughter, the lucky bride.

“She is an obedient girl, highly disciplined. She has never been wayward and I have never had cause to reprimand her in any way

“She is the ideal daughter any father would crave. My son-in-law too, Barrister Anjorin, meets all my dreams of a husband for my daughter.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the walimat an–nikah had my blessing. The nikah proper held inside my house on Friday, with very limited number of guests, strictly 21, apart from the officiating imam.

“I have about three or four reasons for not attending the walimat an-Nikah (wedding) on Saturday. First and foremost, I had wedded two daughters of mine in private fashion and this is my own style.

“Secondly, I launched a struggle against wasteful spending a long time ago. I also made it a duty to publicly articulate strong objections to profligacy, both in public and private spending.

“I have called on governments to impose cow tax on anyone who slaughters more than one cow for a ceremony. I have publicly condemned the aso ebi syndrome.

“Should the same Akintola now don the garb of owambe circle? Will it not amount to hypocrisy?

“Thirdly, I really don’t have that kind of money. I will have to apply for cooperative loan in Lagos State University, if I decide to go the way of social wedding for my darling daughter.

“I will have to face the consequences of heavy deductions from my poor teacher’s salary.

“I know how to spend any amount on the education of my sons and daughters, but I can’t see any reason why I should spend lavishly on their nikah.”

He advised Nigerian youths to shun society wedding, adding that it scares people from getting married.

He said, “Expensive weddings scare young men, keep them single and waste the ladies’ time.

“Let me make it abundantly clear, however, that society wedding is not haram and it is in order for those who have more than enough money to spend on it. But, I frown upon those who go out of their way to pose as if they are comfortable, even though they are suffering and smiling.

“Nigerians love to live false life. The more you look, the less you see. They take loans and continue paying the loans for two or more years after the wedding.

“This is what I detest. I do not hate rich people.”

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