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President Trump’s travel ban allowed to take full effect

President Trump’s travel ban allowed to take full effect

The Supreme Court has ordered for US President Donald Trump’s immigration travel ban against Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad to take full effect.

The court gave the ruling on Monday and the order is expected to take full effect while the ongoing legal challenges against the most recent version of the ban are being contested in court.

This, therefore, means that persons travelling from these six countries cannot enter the United States while the cases are being contested in court

The executive director of Donald J. Trump for President, Michael Glassner, while reacting to the order which comes as a huge victory for President Trump as well as the Republicans who have been strong espousals of the ban, said;

“Now that the Supreme Court has ordered the lifting of restrictions on this ban, minimum security standards for entry into the United States can be enforced.”

It is suggested that by ruling in favour of the travel ban to temporarily take full effect, the justices may as well likely uphold it on the merits in the future.

However, that interpretation has been disputed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

In his reaction, ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights project director, Omar Jadwat, said;

“It’s unfortunate that the full ban can move forward for now, but this order does not address the merits of our claims.”

“We continue to stand for freedom, equality, and for those who are unfairly being separated from their loved ones.”

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