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Prince Harry and I are in love, says US actress Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and I are in love, says US actress Meghan Markle

US actress Meghan Markle, the girlfriend of Britain’s Prince Harry, revealed that they are in love and happy together, in a recent interview about their relationship since they became a couple last year.

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine published on Tuesday, Markle said she began dating Harry, fifth in line to the British throne, in July last year after she met him through friends.

“We’re a couple,” Markle stated. “We’re in love. I’m sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, but I hope what people will understand is that this is our time.

“This is for us. It’s part of what makes it so special, that it’s just ours. But we’re happy. Personally, I love a great love story.”

Harry’s relationship became public knowledge last November when the prince issued a rare warning to the media to leave his 36-year-old girlfriend and her family in peace, reflecting his own battles with the press.

When asked how she coped with media intrusion, Markle said: “I can tell you at the end of the day I think it’s really simple. We’re two people who are really happy and in love.

“We were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news and I was working during that whole time and the only thing that changed was people’s perception.

“Nothing about me changed. I’m still the same person that I am, and I’ve never defined myself by my relationship,” she added.

Markle said the attention of being involved with the prince had its challenges.

“It comes in waves, some days it can feel more challenging than others,” she said.

“And right out of the gate, it was surprising the way things changed. But I still have this support system all around me, and, of course, my boyfriend’s support.”

The interview fueled speculation among bookmakers that the couple could get engaged soon and this came a day after the Kensington Palace revealed that William and his wife, Kate, were expecting their third child.

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