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Rapper Meek Mill released from solitary confinement

Rapper Meek Mill released from solitary confinement

Recently imprisoned American rapper, Meek Mill has been released from solitary confinement

The rapper was let out of confinement after his lawyers filed for his release last week.

Meek Mill is said to havs filed to come out of solitary confinement for fear that it would affect him mentally.

According to reports, Meek Mill has now been transfered to a new prison where he is allowed interact with other inmates and also have a room to himself as well.

It is also reported that Meek Mill will now be able to play Basket ball, go for a jog or gym, read a book at the on-site library or in his new cell depending on which job he ends up taking in the prison.

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  1. He would be mellow by now


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