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Realities of an American Society

Realities of an American Society

So am here to gist you what I think are obtainable in an American society basing my thoughts on movies- which I believe strongly mirrors a society, articles, events, and news.

You will concur with me that, it is in America that a child can look at his or her parents in the face and say to them “fuck you”.

In Africa, RESPECT is all, but in America FREEDOM; especially of speech is all. It is in America that a child can wake up one day and decide she is no longer female or he is no longer male. It is a reality in America for a boy of three years to not want to have all them superman toys but desire them Barbie dolls and his parents decides he is gay.

It is in America that people do not want to be associated to a particular sexuality because they are free to love whom so ever they choose either male or female or even them DOGS and CATS. It is in America that a white cop will shoot a black man because he feels irritated by his colour and it wouldn’t even appear as a case in court.  I ask, why is raising kids in America as difficult as Nigeria winning the world cup? Well, I guess it is one of the realities of the American society. A society where neighbour gun down neighbour for trivial reason (s), where a son takes out his whole family or father his whole family or a husband his wife or a wife her husband.

American society is a place where one can get married today and divorce tomorrow, a place where a grandfather can seek divorce from grandma. It is a society where booze and drugs are best friends to teenagers. It is a place where fashion is at its peak in every manner you can think of, where being a baby mama is the in thing.

Amidst all these things stated above which seem to be in the negative, you will also agree with me that opportunities abound in America. It is a place where one can get the best of any form of education. It is the place where great movies and works of art are born.

It is a place where talents are harnessed to the maximum and great ideas are nurtured to maturity of actualisation. A land where nothing seems impossible.

But above all, it is known as “THE FREE WORLD”. Do you  agree with my thoughts?

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