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Remembering Bruce Mayrock: The White Biafra Martyr

Remembering Bruce Mayrock: The White Biafra Martyr

Bruce Mayrock is from West-bury New York and was born May 6, 1949. He was a student of Columbia University USA.

He was twenty years of age when he immolated himself in front of United Nations building headquarters USA in protest against the 1967-1970 Biafra Genocide.

Bruce who has never been to Nigeria or have one on one encounter with Biafra was moved by the images of starved Biafrans during the Nigerian-Biafra civil war. He began his protest by writing letters concerning the war to President and people of authority which fell on deaf ears.

He took the drastic step of setting himself ablaze in front of the UN headquarters and evaded two UN guards who attempted to aid him by using fire extinguisher on him. When he finally fell, he was rushed to Belleone Hospital where he died some minutes after midnight of 30th May 1970.

The placard he carried on that fateful day, the front inscription read “YOU MUST STOP GENOCIDE! PLEASE SAVE NINE MILLION BIAFRANS” and the back read “PEACE IS WHERE THERE IS AN ABSENCE OF FEAR OF ANY KIND”.

On May 30, Biafra will celebrate 50 years of its existence in remembrance of fallen heroes such as Bruce Mayrock, and a host of others who gave up their lives for the Biafra cause.

Bruce was buried in the Mount Ararat Cemetery, East Farmingdale New York.


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