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Rice & Noodles: The Most Highly Consumed Meal in Nigeria. True or False?

Rice & Noodles: The Most Highly Consumed Meal in Nigeria. True or False?

The rice palaver is significant to all ages in Nigeria from the very oldest to the youngest. It is prepared in its varieties; jellof rice (my favourite), rice & stew, rice & beans, rice & stew with beans, and fried rice (my least favourite).


The noodles is most predominant among children not excluding adults though. With its growing popularity and consumption increase, its preparation has gone beyond hot water, the noodles with the follow come spice. A well prepared Noodle is garnished with vegetables such as green pepper, carrots, green peas, and pumpkin leave. You can add protein in the form of chicken, peppered beef, or egg (which is commonly used).


Garnished noodles

Funny how we complain of the hike in prices of food items – chiefly rice, yet we consume it nothing less than four good times in a week. I wonder why Nigerians love rice this much and the kids can’t seem to get enough of the noodles either.

True or False?


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  1. Profile gravatar of Ojay0000

    Very true

  2. Profile gravatar of Lord Chieze

    Very true.
    This is the classic food of the indomie generation.
    Where are they?


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