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Rihanna Steps Out In Over-sized Denim Outfit

Rihanna Steps Out In Over-sized Denim Outfit

Rihanna has recently taken to wearing oversized outfits which is noticeably growing into a a trend for the Barbados singer.

The ‘Umbrella’ crooner was recently spotted stepping out in yet another over-sized outfit.

This time around she stepped out in an oversized denim jacket and skirt.

Rihanna Braless In Oversized Denim Jacket

It seems like oversized outfits are going to become the in thing soon and it is no surprise that Rihanna is the one celebrity setting the pace for this fashion style.

What do you guys think about this growing fashion trend? Yay or Nay?

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  1. Profile gravatar of Temitayo

    lol, RiRi oh


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