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Rochas Okorocha unveils giant statue of South African President, Jacob Zuma in Owerri

Rochas Okorocha unveils giant statue of South African President, Jacob Zuma in Owerri

The Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha has unveiled a gigantic statue of South African President, Jacob Zuma in Owerri the Imo State capital.

President Zuma who, yesterday, ended his two-day visit to Imo State, was also confered with a chieftaincy title by governor Okorocha.

The Imo state governor also went on to name a road after President Zuma in Owerri.

The IMO Merit award which is the highest award recognition in Imo State, reserved for individuals who have made a mark in society, was also conferred on the South African President.

See a photo of the statue below:

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  1. This isa senseless person/governor, sorry to say this, but also a stupid igbo man.Why dont we blame Buhari for this sort of madness? Where are the biafrans now, its obvious that this sort of mad person will equally have a stake in Biafra if it ever becomes a sovereign entity. The problem of the igbos is not the FG bt foolish leaders like this.

    • The whole essence of republic of Biafra restoration is to flush out the likes of Rochas, Orji Uzo Kalu, etc. The only reason Rochas is still in Igboland is the Nigerian army, if not, the youth would have gone there to chase him out of Igboland. Why do you think they are all against Biafran republic?

      They know that the masses will chase them all out of Igboland once we have a Biafran republic and vote in public that can work. And if they vote anyone and he starts misbehaving, it will be easier to impeach him or the youth march to government and ask him to resign. All these can’t be done in Nigeria because Aso Rock will use the army to insist that their pawn stays in power. That’s the difference.

  2. Person way de advice this man no try at all, what nonsense! cant the people of his state do sometbing for themselves, this is the 21st century for Gods sake.


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