Sales Activation Contests Management Consultancy

Poshbase Sales Activation Contests Center essentially provide Sales Activation Contest Management Consultancy services (including sales acquisition/activation and growth services) in an effective and flexible way thus enabling your organization to pick and choose from a menu of Sales Activation Contests designed to your business objectives from new customer acquisition to high growth sales Activation.

We provide customized Sales Activation Contests Solutions to respective clients and product portfolios that help activate sales (acquire new customers), grow and drive improved sales revenue for all associated products and services.

We are your Strategic Sales Activation and Growth Solutions Company in Nigeria; we work round-the-clock for specific sales activation promos to help boost all identified sales initiatives, projects or growth challenges for our clients.

We improve sales performance in your organization by analyzing your products’ benefits, sales proposition, target audience and demographics; and design, develop a compelling Sales Activation Contests with great incentive/prize rewards that helps boost sales activation and drive up sales revenue growth. We provide independent and highly effective Sales Activation Contests that guarantees the highly needed improved sales revenue growth results.

Our Sales Activation Contests Management Consultancy services is absolutely FREE for serious clients/organizations; however, we require a compulsory payment of service engagement (signup) deposit of non-refundable N100,000.00 (one hundred thousand naira) before we can start. This is to enable us sieve out serious clients from time-wasters. The deposit will form part of the payments for subsequent services rendered.

Engage us today0815 513 2443; let’s position your products and services for Faster & Higher Sales Revenue Growth.

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