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Saraki Has No Case To Answer – CCT Affirms

Saraki Has No Case To Answer – CCT Affirms

Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki has been freed of the 18 charges brought before the Code Of Conduct Tribunal by the Federal Government.

The Danladi Umar-led panel of the CCT ruled that Saraki has no case to answer in the non declaration of assets charges brought before it in September last year.

The ruling came after the CCB Investigation Officer and prosecution witness, Samuel Madujemu testified that information on the investigation were based on details he received from the “team” – a term which the CCT declared was legally invalid and lack any backing in the constitution.

The Senate President, had filed a no-case submission before the CCT in May this year, contending the tendered exhibits brought by the four prosecution witnesses.

After hearing the no-case submission and the objection from the Federal Government, the CCT then decided to reserve its rulling on June 8

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  1. Profile gravatar of Molji

    Nigeeia only the rich get away with crime

  2. Profile gravatar of Ejà_Nlà

    Nigeria na like dis we go dey dey. Everybody knows dat saraki in fact all of them are not clean, all na politics

  3. Profile gravatar of josh_lag

    Chief thief saraki highest level of corruption displayed my the so call party fighting corruption

  4. Profile gravatar of Josephine Gowal

    Diaries God oooo!


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