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“SARS is doing fantastically well” – Police reacts to #EndSARS campaign

“SARS is doing fantastically well” – Police reacts to #EndSARS campaign

The Nigeria Police Force have reacted to the ongoing #EndSARS campaign by dismissing the allegations of attacks and crimes being levelled against some operatives of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS).

SARS which was originally instituted by the Nigeria police to combat violent crimes, have recently been accused of carrying out some unwarranted attacks against innocent Nigerians, leading many to call for the proscription of the squad.

Reacting to the campaign, Jimoh Moshood, police spokesperson while speaking to TheCable on Sunday, insisted that calls for the proscription of SARS should be “totally condemned” as the squad has lived up to its duty of fighting violent crimes in the country.

He said;

“As we speak, SARS is doing fantastically well across the country in reducing incidents of robbery to the barest minimum… they are doing very, very well,” Moshood said.

“There has not been any specific violation of human rights against any SARS personnel. So anybody that is spreading such a rumour is not doing the nation any good.

“SARS has no excesses and when there is any, we do investigate.

“The call for SARS to be scrapped should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians. Anybody calling for their proscription is not doing the nation any good and such people should be suspected as having something to hide.”

He also urged Nigerians with complaints against any police officer, “whether SARS or any other personnel”, to report their complaints via established channels.

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  1. Daft response from the most corrupt sand inefficient police force in the world. I didnt expect any less though. You hear such out cry from people and the first thing to do is to deny?!? Did u investigate? are you interested in investigating at all? What made you reach such a stupid conclusion that they are doing fantastically well? There are videos that point to be brutality of these touts we call law enforcement officers and one dim-witted person comes out to say the whole nation is lying. Instead of doing the right thing and investigating, this daft fellow dismisses the whole thing as fabrication. Im worried for the country.

  2. Fantastically what? That’s a big lie.


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