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See the cost of Ebuka’s trending agbada oufit to BAAD 2017

See the cost of Ebuka’s trending agbada oufit to BAAD 2017

Apparently, Nigerians are yet to get over Ebuka’s fabulous agbada outfit to #BAAD 2017.

Renowned fashion designer, Ugo Monye who made the agbada has now seen his followers on Instagram astronomically, shoot from 4k to 27.4K just few days after the photo of Ebuka wearing the outfit went viral.

It has however, been revealed from an alleged screenshot of a chat between a follower and Ugo Monye on Instagram, that the agbada cost a whooping N280, 000 to make

So if u were considering to go all “Ebuka” for the next wedding you attend, well there you go.. Now you know your budget.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Omalicha

    280 kini? Well the Cloth paid off bcos u were the talk of town during the wedding, after the wedding and your still trending.

  2. Profile gravatar of Temitayo

    lol, its crazy


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