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See Don Jazzy’s epic reply to ‘Illimunati recruiter’

See Don Jazzy’s epic reply to ‘Illimunati recruiter’

Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy, today, took to Social Media to share a screenshot of a private chat he had with some personse claiming to be an Illuminati agent trying to recruit him to the “illuminati” fraternity.

The scammer messaged Don Jazzy saying:

“Hello!!! Do you want to be a member of the great illuminati, and start receiving 1,000,000 monthly and be popular among others and have riches and fame.

“This is the only chance of being of the illuminati. I was sent by a Freemason high chief to bring 52 members into the illuminati. I have goten 32, so we looking for 20,, so try and be among the twenty people to be rich and famous. Whatsapp +234********89 now be a member to achieve your goals and become successful in life thanks for coming”.

Don Jazzy in his usual witty manner responded saying:

“Uncle sir.. Just send me your account details, make I send you small thing. Quit this work. U no even sabi am.”

Lol… Savage. See screenshot below


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  1. Hahahahahaha so EPIC! Chai…….

  2. Or mayЬe hе likkes bowling.? Lee continued. ?I heard somebody say that once you hear thunder, that signifies
    that God is bowling іn heaven. I bet hee is actually good
    at it.


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