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See Results of Twitter Poll On The Scrapping Of NYSC

See Results of Twitter Poll On The Scrapping Of NYSC

The question of whether the mandatory National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme should be scrapped or not, has been debated on several occasions in recent times.

With polarized views on the issue, there is no doubt that Nigerians share some level of ambivalence as regards the importance of the NYSC programme.

In a recent twitter poll reportedly conducted to determine if the NYSC programme introduced by the Yakubu Gowon administration should be scraped, most of the votes showed a leaning towards the scrapping of the programme

According to the twitter poll, a handsome percentage allegedly indicated that the programme, which technically seeks to foster the unity of Nigeria, be scrapped.

What do you think? Should the NYSC programme be Scrapped.

See a screenshot of the online poll below;

See the result of the screenshot,

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  1. Profile gravatar of Temitayo

    LOL, scrap? Do people know what is called economic impact? Where will all those employed in that area go? what will they do for money?


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