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Some Impressive Health Benefits of Breastfeeding.

Some Impressive Health Benefits of Breastfeeding.

Some women often get worked up about the idea of child breastfeeding
This could stem from the supposed inconvenience of having to sometimes, breastfeed the baby in public places or the sheer task of having to breastfeed at the baby’s beck and call.

However, it is pertinent for mother’s to understand, that the act of breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial thing a mother can do for her child.
Breast milk is highly beneficial to the development and wellbeing of a baby and mothers need to consider this over and above any immediate or potential inconveniences that may be imposed by breastfeeding.

Breast milk is healthier than formula. This is because it has up to 3million germ killing cells per teaspoon. 😱 yeah your milk is that awesome.

It provides optimal nutrition for your baby and has the right amount of nutrients, readily available.

Breast milk also contains antibodies and other elements that protects your baby from illness and chronic diseases. This is particularly true of exclusive breastfeeding, meaning that the infant receives only breast milk.

However, if you are unable to breast feed, then feeding your baby with formula is still completely fine.

In addition, mothers who breast feed experience their own benefits such as convenience and reduced stress.

Breastfeeding seems to provide the mother with long-term protection against cancer and several diseases .

Breastfeeding also saves time and money.

As an added bonus, a baby is better off with a tit in their mouth it gives you valid reason to be comfortable and relax while you bond with your precious newborn.



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