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Pro-Catalonia Independence Protest Ramp up, Spain to allow Referendums – Foreign Minister.

Pro-Catalonia Independence Protest Ramp up, Spain to allow Referendums – Foreign Minister.

The Spanish government is considering holding a nationwide referendum for all Spaniards on changing the constitution to allow for legal independence referendums for all regions.

The Spanish foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, spoke to BBC in an interview, saying the move was in recognition of recent developments in Catalonia.

The Spanish constitutional court had earlier ruled that the declaration of independence by the Catalonia parliament was “unconstitutional and void”; hence supports the deposition of the Catalan regional government after last month’s banned referendum and subsequent unilateral declaration of independence.


“We have created a committee in parliament to explore the possibility of amending the constitution to be able to accommodate better the aspirations of some of the Catalan people,” Mr. Dastis told the BBC.

“We acknowledge there is a political situation that deserves to be looked at but, in any case, it’s clear that the decision will be taken, will have to be taken by all Spaniards.”

He also said he was sorry if people got hurt during the banned referendum last month, but that there was no disproportionate use of force notwithstanding he had previously said some pictures of violence were “fake”.


Meanwhile, a pro-Catalonia independence general strike in Catalonia yesterday brought chaos to dozens of the regions’ roads as protesters blocked traffic with sit-down protests.

As early as six in the morning, demonstrators occupied over 60 roads across Catalonia, causing massive traffic jams. A large number of the protests centred on the main access routes in and out of Barcelona.

Catalonia’s transport authorities responded to the spate of blocked roads by issuing a general warning to travelers not to travel by car.

While some road protests passed off peacefully, with demonstrators playing chess and cards on folding tables in the middle of motorways, there were scuffles in others when the region’s local police, the Mossos D’Esquadra, physically removed the protesters to try to allow traffic through.

Pro-independence demonstrations to protest against “Madrid’s authoritarian policies” also took place across the region. One of the most important took place around noon in front of Barcelona’s town hall, a traditional assembly point for the separatist movement, where thousands of protesters demanded freedom for the incarcerated pro-independence ministers and leaders.

Meanwhile, as had been widely expected on Wednesday, Spain’s Constitutional Court confirmed it had annulled the Catalan parliament’s unilateral declaration of independence on 27 October.

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