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Stalking Gone Wrong for American Music Star Tyga

Stalking Gone Wrong for American Music Star Tyga

The American rap star Tyga seems to be stalking either his ex or follow rapper Travis Scott who is currently involved with his ex-Kylie Jenner. The media isn’t sure who he stalking but one thing is sure, his stalking got exposed.

The rapper has been mute following his break up from the Keeping Up with the Kardashian reality star. But, his certainly not so mute as not to like a shady comment someone threw at Kylie.

The 27 year old rapper had dated Kylie on and off for three years since she was 16 years old. They officially split in April of this year.

The comment he liked read “tag her let her know she DON’T got the juice Lo”. For those of you who are not conversant with the term “the juice”, it’s gotten from Drakes song “Company” which means the present is the real deal. But in Kylie’s case, it means what she has now isn’t better than what she left.

The comment was directed at a picture posted by a celebrity page @celebrity-vic in which Travis and Kylie where seen heading to a pharmacy store. From the meaning of “the juice” you can say the comment is more of a compliment to Tyga, so you wouldn’t blame a brother for liking a “compliment”.

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