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‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Director Tobe Hooper dies at 74

‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Director Tobe Hooper dies at 74

The Horror Film Director, Tobe Hooper, who set the movie world abuzz with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in 1974, has died in California, US media said.

He was born in Austin, Texas, on 25 January 1943 and died in Sherman Oaks at the age of 74.

Hooper worked as a college professor and documentary cameraman before breaking into the film world with Chain Saw.

‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ was shot in six weeks for less than $300,000 (£128,000) and it tells a story of five young Americans waylaid by the said cannibals in rural Texas.

His supernatural thriller, Poltergeist, written by Stephen Spielberg and released in 1982, was also hugely successful and became another classic within the horror genre.

His TV adaptation of Stephen King’s vampire story Salem’s Lot was also widely acclaimed.

Critics admired Hooper for leaving most of the horror to the imagination. Speaking in 2014 to Interview Magazine, Hooper explained why the Leatherface character in Chain Saw wore a mask.

“When you can’t see his face, your imagination goes wild,” he said. “When you can’t see, you fill in the blanks with something that’s far more interesting than what can actually be shown.”

Once banned in several countries, the film spawned six sequels, and is said to have influenced other film-makers, notably Ridley Scott when he was making Alien.

Horror film fans have had much to mourn this summer already. George A Romero, who created the Living Dead movie franchise, died last month at the age of 77.

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