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The plots to undermine APC primaries have been exposed

The plots to undermine APC primaries have been exposed

A plot to cause confusion among delegates and scatter the weekend primaries of the APC through sabotaging the verification procedure has been exposed.

Central to the latest plan by some with vested interests against a free and fair poll is the instruction by a senior party official in the state to local government and ward chairmen instructing them to bring along photocopies of their photo IDs such as Permanent Voters Card (PVCs), Drivers Licence, National ID Card, and International Passports.

A source in the party said, messages was deliberately being relayed to some delegates as a way of making them ineligible for the polls. While inaugurating the Governor Kassim Shettima led panel to conduct the election, the National Organising Secretary, Senator Osita Izunaso had tasked the panel to verify the identity of all delegates through the use of Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs, Drivers Licence, National Identity Card and International Passport. It was learnt that despite that instruction that a senior party official had been giving a contrary instruction as a way of luring delegates supportive of some aspirants not favoured to be locked out.

Instructions was given to ward chairmen and local government chairmen that photocopies of IDs will be accepted. “We know this is a ruse and it is aimed at ensuring that delegates who are not going to vote for their man are locked out.”

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